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Yeehaw Aloha Youth Adventures Mentor Center-Breakroom
GRAND OPENING Summer 2022!


Thanks to our Fathers faithfulness, we are confident in HIS promise to complete the good work in us He began!  Everyday we see how God is willing and working, according to His good pleasure, through so many different people, in so many different ways, we can't help but be amazed!  We are often left speechless in Jesus by how obvious and mysterious HE provides, to go exceedingly-abundantly beyond what we are asking or even dreaming off!  Through many community contributions and a lot of good ol' fashioned hard work, we have been able to move closer and closer to our first goal, but still have a little way to go! 

If you would like to help and send support to see the future mentor center-break room completed, we would be eternally thankful for any contribution that is on your heart to give! 


*Remaining projects and work to be done include; adding and building a bathroom and computer lab located under the finished recording studio space in the loft, purchasing computers and equipment for the computer lab and recording studio in order for both to be fully functional, purchasing a 3D printer, building a 10' x 20' balcony off the main space (blueprints have already been created and donated by Helps Ministries and door has been purchased!), and recovering the pool table.


If interested, see below for more information on how to give.

Thank you for giving online to help sponsor more youth adventures and mentorship!

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Donate By Mail

Checks payable to:

Yeehaw Aloha

A Nonprofit Corp.

1439 East Isaacs Ave

Walla Walla, Wa.




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